two years in a 911

It’s been two years since we’ve gotten into the Porsche realm with our 2008 911S. Joined the PCA a month after we got it, and started doing social gatherings and weekend drives with them as schedules permitted. The car has been very reliable with only a couple of issues here and there, and regular maintenance, that I don’t dare skip, as I want it to remain reliable. We’ve had the car completely maintained at Porsche Central Austin, and they’ve done a great job with it. You really get a first class treatment here, and I highly recommend them.

Now that it’s been two years, I find that I’ve been totally caught up in the ownership experience, and have become something of a fan boy on All Things Porsche. No, I’m not wearing their underpants, but I find myself wearing P shirts whenever I can. Coffee cups, backpacks, posters, flags and whatnot too. I’ve attended more races at the local track than I have in the past, mainly because of the comradery and Porsche deals we get on them. I’m not a “big crowds” person, and being a PCA member gives me a niche that I can step aside from the big crowd and be part of a perhaps exclusive group.

I don’t mean exclusive as in pretentious. These are great people, and easy to get along with, as we all share the same passions for cars. No matter your station in life, just own/drive a P-car of any vintage, pay $50/year to PCA, and you’re in. There’s always more opportunity to spend money, like any club, but you can spend as little or as much as you like. But, if you’re like me, and are willing to pay a bit more here and there to be in more comfortable surrounds, then I highly recommend it. It’s an awesome deal. I’ve always been a gearhead/car nut (having owned 53 cars), but have really gone deep into this one, and will continue to do so.

Probably the most fun, has been the weekend drives the local Hill Country Region does on several weekends a year. Gather up somewhere early morning, some member is the Tourmaster and has planned out a route, usually with an interesting destination at the far end and twisty roads in between, finish up our Morning Worship of all the Porsches, and away we go. Leisurely, or a bit faster if you like. Great stuff. Other times, the Spousal Unit and I hop in on a Saturday/Sunday morning, pick a general compass direction, and go till we get tired. Takes a while when you’re gawking at scenery the whole time as well as devouring roads. She’s also a fiend for Open House signs.

It’s been a great two years. Looking forward to some more. Shouldn’t you?